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Jack Ryan is many things and this makes him a hero in the true sense. Tom Clancy has created Jack as a strong individual and apparently, he has no weakness at all in his mind and heart. Jack Ryan is a man of sheer will and he is not scared of taking risks of any kind in his life. So many times he has saved the nation as a marine and also as a CIA analyst.


When the story begins we find him away from all of these things and he is spending leisure time with his daughter and wife in London. This was the vacation the family was thinking and planning about for a long time and now they were finally together in this peaceful place where they cannot think of any more trouble in life. Suddenly Jack Ryan gets stunned when he sees an act of terrorism in front of his eyes.

He wasn’t able to believe that such a thing was happening in front of his eyes once again. Jack could not stop himself from jumping in as it was in his nature to jump into trouble when an innocent needs him. Scott Brick’s voice tells the tale of this adventure to the audience as we are told that Jack is shot during the rescue mission which he performs.

The mission goes big like The Cardinal of the Kremlin when Jack is told that he saved the life of the Duke and Duchess of Kent. Although he receives a lot of gratitude at the same time he makes dangerous enemies too. The terrorist group gets after Jack and his family which gives the vacation an entirely new look. Executive Orders made their way directly into the hearts and this will be resting in the same place eventually.

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    The Pagan Lord

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