Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis

Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis is the 12th chapter of The Vampire Chronicles. This horror fiction novel is written by Anne Rice. You will find her more into the writing of Christian literature and Gothic fiction etc. She has also tried her pen on erotic literature. If you like the author and want to know about her best works then Interview with the Vampire should be checked. If not this then The Witching Hour could be tried.

The narration of this book is done by Simon Vance. He is a very good narrator and gave a brilliant performance in this novel. You will enjoy it and want to hear more from the same narrator.

The vamp Lestat was a hero, inspirer, leader, irrepressible spirit, and irresistible force. He was fighting against a weird otherworldly form which to holds the undead soul and body of Lestat. This mysterious and ancient power along with the inappropriate spirit of the vamp lore has got the history, fore, and reach of the universe which is not known.

It was believed that the spirit previously thought about the benevolent for thousands of vamp years and also during the Vamp Chronicles. We were told about the hypnotic story of the huge sea power that dates back to ancient times. It was a secretive and highly beautiful place that was just next to be the heaven on Earth.

This novel did well for all the fans of Anne Rice who found the author at her very best. There is every reason in this novel to try it out. The story is good and the performance is even better.

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