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Listening to the books written by Andy Wier means that we want to go into space for a while in our imagination. The author has tried to write about space journeys and space invasions all the time. This is the department in which Andy is skilled and he has that creative ability to paint outer space in the perfect manner. Artemis and The Martian were about space invasions and this book follows the same theme too.

Ryland Grace and the rest of the team that was with him on the spaceship started their mission in order to stop the alien invasions. Their mission was of critical importance because their failure could risk the life of the entire humanity. Something went seriously wrong in the mission and all the team members except Ryland perished before the completion of the mission.

Now it is up to Ryland to complete the job but the problem is that he is not in his complete senses anymore. He does not know about the mission completely after the accident. His past memory has been whitewashed because of the accident. The dead bodies present near him have given him some hint about the seriousness of the mission but he still fails to comprehend the reason.

In outer space, Ryland finds an ally whom he thinks he can trust. The reality was that there was no other option available for him. Ray Porter has been the right narrator on all occasions when it comes to fictional stories. Ray has given an outstanding performance once again and it was important too because such stories are governed by feelings that only the narrator can transfer to the audience.

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