Red Dragon

Red Dragon is a fiction novel. It is the first installment in Hannibal Lecter Series which is written by Thomas Harris. He is an American writer best known for suspense novels. The Hannibal Lecter character of the author got a lot of fame. The Silence of the Lambs is a beautiful novel by the author. You will also love him for his writing done in the Hannibal Rising.

The narration of the Red Dragon novel is done by Alan Sklar. Alan has a very professional kind of voice which is more suitable for nonfiction. His performance lacked soul and emotions.

It was a quiet night of summer and a very neat suburban house. This time another happy and innocent family is shattered. They became the latest victims of a grisly series of multiple sacrificial killings which no one was able to understand. Nobody was ever in a position to stop them out. There was nobody alive to tell the details about this unimaginable brutality. The only witness, in this case, was the blood-stained walls.

All hopes were with Will Graham who was a Special Agent. He must peer deep inside the tortured soul of the killer to get the feeling of his rage and also to prevent his next possible attempt. Graham was desperate for help and he found himself locked in a deadly association with Dr. Hannibal Lecter, he was a tarnished mass killer who was put behind prison by Graham many years ago.

The story is very good which provided the Hannibal Lecter series with a solid foundation. This will build your interest in the whole series. The reader was not much impressive and sounded far from the emotions which the characters required.

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