Yoshiro belonged to a world that was full of bad guys all the time, he was a criminal by profession. However, he started feeling exhausted all of a sudden and decided to leave that world aside. The ending of the farewell was not wonderful because the mafia killed Yoshiro’s family. The man could have gone for revenge but he decided to stay low as this was the only way to stop the madness forever.

For three years Yoshiro tried to keep himself hidden and this Christmas, the door of his house receives a knock eventually. Ebony and her kids were standing outside the house and they needed shelter because a terrible storm was coming. Yoshiro was not in a position to say no so he allowed them to stay for a while. Ebony was actually running from her husband who was a monster on the hunt.

Yoshiro suddenly starts developing feelings for Ebony and he thinks that her presence is like a Christmas gift for him. Ebony on the other hand was not interested in establishing a relationship with another man because of her first experience. Mature themes like those in Dirty Desires and Dima exist in this book too.

The two characters come closer to each other as soon as danger surrounds them from all sides. There understand the importance of each other and realize that they can survive by working and staying together. The feelings of Yoshiro and Ebony get stronger for each other as they seem to have found the right person for themselves. The good thing about the tale is that it ends in a positive way.

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    Ethic 4

    To Paris with Love


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