Shattered Galaxy

Shattered Galaxy is an amazing science fiction novel. The writer of this novel is Scott Bartlet who has done some really impressive work in the fiction genre and made a huge fan following of himself.  The American novelist has published fifteen novels so far  After the Galaxy: The Unsung is one of them. Moreover, Supercarrier is another phenomenal title from the writer that deserves your attention.

The narrator of this story is Mark Boyett. Mark Boyett is a good narrator with a friendly voice. He was a good choice for this novel. His voice takes you into the depth of the novel and you feel a part of the story.

This audio is the complete set of the Galaxy series. Scott Bartlet takes you into the world of a galaxy where great imaginations are waiting for you. This science fiction novel is about a man, named Joe Pikeman. He has a single parent and lives in a galactic Brinktown.

Another character in this science fiction novel is Joe’s daughter, who is an unforgettable character. He wants to spend free life.  A man, who is a guard in Galactic offers him that freedom, but if he will give him a meal daily. Joe is a guardsman now. He bought a ship. A currish man is his partner who dislikes humans and bots as well. Joe became famous as a butcher because he haunts pirates. He threatens because of his crabbed reputation. Joe is struggling against time to salvage.  He got freedom but he can’t get rid of his past. All of the stories are about the struggle of Joe Pikeman who struggle hard. His enemy cannot defeat him.

Many twists and turns make this story more amazing. All of the stories are believable as the writer justified all the characters.

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