Should’ve Been

Before starting this book, one should have complete knowledge about Alexandria House which has its own style and domain. She writes for a different kind of audience i.e that understands the meaning of love and the appeal developing between the two individuals. Most of the stories are like love at first glance and then the issues are raised after which the couple just gets separated. This gives them time to think that whether the relationship which developed between them was true love or it was just a temporary feeling.

On most of the occasions like in Let Me Hold You and Let Me Love You, the characters did return back to each other after experimenting with their feelings and life. Here the two characters also find an appeal and attraction right during the first meeting but they fail to comprehend that it was true love that was developing between them.

The two departed later on but the feeling never ended even after the span of many years. This was a surety that the love between them was not fake or it was not a temporary excitement that aroused between these two individuals.

So on this second occasion when they meet each other, the man thinks that he is going to make the girl of his dreams, his possession for sure. Wesleigh Siobhan and Emmanuel Ingram are the two people who have given their voices to these two characters. This is not an action packed story still the passion of love will provide a positive vibe that will remain in the heart of the audience for a long time to come.

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