Split Second


A split second can surely make a huge difference when someone is given a big task to accomplish. No one knows it better than Michelle Maxwell whose career has gone to the gallows after the presidential candidate she was assigned to protect just vanished into thin air. All the time she was with the person because she was given the duty to protect him under all circumstances and for a moment she tried to help a widow and everything shattered.


The career which Michelle worked so hard for was gone in a slip second and there was nothing she could do about it because the explanation wasn’t working for her anymore. In another part of the city, Sean King was also watching this news and he thinks that he can feel that pain because the same thing happened to him eight years ago.

Sean was also protecting a presidential candidate when a little negligence got the presidential candidate shot dead in front of him. Now Sean is wanted because of some other cases too and he really needs the help of a friend. Michelle is also interested in his case because she thinks that the issue is somehow linked to Sean’s case as well. So the two join hands in order to save each other and find the one who is behind the entire drama.

David Baldacci writes in a unique flow all the time and it seems that the author has a special pen to write stories like Long Shadows. Scott Brick’s narration should not be left unpraised either because his voice has also served well in other books like Memory Man too. Suspense and thrill are the two basic elements that have garnished this series and they will keep serving the purpose in every instalment.

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