Summer Knight

With super powers of magic in his hands instead of money, Harry marches to the fourth part of the series. Harry happens to be a strong wizard and he has performed wonders in the past but he still thinks that he is not free. The enjoyment is not there in his life and each time he has tried to get out of troubles, he has found more troubles waiting for him on his doorstep. These incidents have made him bad tempered and sleeping has been a problem for him since the beginning.

Harry does not discuss such issues with others because he does not possess any close friends or loved ones who can help him in this regard. He has saved the human world on more than one occasions still he is not known in the human world very much. Harry is called by the Winter Queen of Faerie in this fourth episode and he is told that he has to solve a serious murder case.


If the case goes out of hands and the real criminal is not caught then a war get ignited between the courts of Summer and Winter. The war would be so big that it will eat the human world too within no time.

Harry enters the world of magic on this epic mission and for the first time Jim Butcher has described Harry in a leisurely mood. James Marsters’ narrations shows that Harry starts liking the company of the faeries. Turn Coat and The Law can garnish the coming weekend after this book. These books have thrill in them along with a little romance and a few comic scenes.

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