The Amityville Horror


The Amityville Horror

Jay Anson is one of those writers who got fame in a quick time. The author created wonderful stories linked to different sections of the society in his life time. This novel takes us on a tour to a haunted house where anything is possible. The year is 1975 and a new family comes to a big house on Long Island. The family bought the house even when there were several spooky things attached to it.

The house was convenient by all means i.e it was low in price and it had all the luxuries attached to it. Having a swimming pool of your own in the house is like a gift when you are not asked to pay too much for it. The Lutz family got settled in the house and they started enjoying their life.



George and Kathleen knew that the previous owner of the house killed his entire family without any reason and the local people thought that there was something that was haunting the house. Still the couple decided to stay in this big mansion and soon they start thinking that they should have avoided this adventure.

The house was actually haunted by ghosts and mysterious things that could not be explained. Ray Porter has narrated the novel quite skilfully and the narrator has described the haunting situation awesomely. The narrator had narrated In the Blood and Project Hail Mary previously so he had experience for this kind of stuff.

Every word that Ray has narrated is easily understandable so the listener does not have to toil much. All we have to do is to sit back and listen in a relax mood.

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