The Autumn Republic

The Autumn Republic is a genre fiction novel. It is the third chapter of The Powder Mage Trilogy which is written by Brian McClellan. He is an American writer of excellent epic fantasy stories. The Crimson Campaign is one of his most acknowledged novels. He also received great reviews for his Promise of Blood novel.

The narration of The Autumn Republic novel is done by Christian Rodska. It was an excellent performance that inspired the majority of the listeners of this book.

Tamas, Field Marshal makes a return back to his home country. He discovered there for the very first time in history that Adro, the capital city has been in control of foreign invaders. His son goes missing as well while all of his allies are vague from the enemies. The reinforcement seems to be many days away.

The Adran army has turned against its people without having any clear leadership. Adam was drawn into the core of the novice mutiny along with all the promises of locating his kidnapped son.

All of the hopes are with Taniel now. He was hunted down by those who he once considered being his allies. Now, he must protect the only chance that Adro has for getting through this war without actually getting destroyed.

This last chapter of the trilogy was very impressive which brought this to an epic conclusion. This one started beautifully with the Promise of Blood novel where the penultimate chapter, The Crimson Campaign has a good part to play as well. The Autumn Republic will keep you wanting more. Kudos to the writer for such an exciting story and also to the narrator for a stellar audio performance.

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