The Body Reader

Detective Jude Fontaine is an excellent body reader and very few in her department know the cause behind her expertise. She was kept hostage by a strange man when she was just a girl and there in captivity she had to look at her captor all the time because he was the only living being present.

During those days of torture, Jude was able to read the face of her captor in detail and now she thinks that she can tell anything about a person by just seeing his face.

It does not matter that the person is living or dead, Jude can tell a lot by just looking at him. This is a wonderful skill that she has developed and she is ready to fight crime because she does not want any other human being to suffer the same mental torture which she suffered.

Though the people of her department does not believe on her skill completely because some of them think that she is mad or she just loads things up.

Detective Uriah who is selected as Jude’s partner does not believe on Jude’s skills and he has some personal issues to deal with as well. Together the two are on the chase of another killer who has been slaughtering women of the town quite mercilessly.

Anne Frasier has described every character with a special energy which attracts more and more fans towards the thing just like Tell Me and Find Me. The secrets that are hidden in this story will rock your mind and you will finally understand the true meaning of a suspense story. Emily Sutton-Smith’s narration is another superb thing which is attached to the book. The story can make you feel scared at a number of places.

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