The Book of Koli

This is a good fiction story. This book is chapter 1 of the series Rampart Trilogy. The author of this book is M. R. Carey. He is a wonderful writer. He is a British writer. His name is Mike Carey. M. R. Carey is his pen name. He is a good Comic books writer. He wrote many wonderful novels and films.

His best-written work is the series of The Sandman Spin-off and Lucifer. He is the winner of the Inkpot Award. He has written many books. and his famous books are The Girl With All the Gifts, Lucifer Omnibus, and Barbarella. If you want to listen to more from this wonderful author then do refer to his The Girl with All the Gifts and The Boy on the Bridge book. This book is receiving wonderful remarks from the listeners.

The narrator of this fantastic book is Theo Solomon. His sweet and soft voice is perfect for the narration. He is a wonderful narrator and did a great job. Excellent narration by a fantastic narrator. His voice fits this character.

The writer wrote about a young boy in this interesting story. This boy’s name is Koli. He is struggling for a peaceful living in this world. He lives in the small village of Mythen Rood. This village is not suitable for humans. Koli spent all of his life in this dead place. The story is unforgetable.

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