The Buried Book

The Buried Book is a fiction novel by D.M. Pulley. The author has presented a tragic story. Another other work by the author is The Dead Key. I would suggest you go for No One’s Home.

The narration of the book has been done by Luke Daniels. He has given an outstanding performance. He has brought all the characters to life through his voice.

The novel tells a tale of a boy, Jasper. His mother Althea Leary who disowns her son when he was nine years old. She left Jasper at her brother’s farm. Jasper just had some clothes and a Bible with him. The book is based on the struggle of a little boy. You will witness how he has spent all his life without his mother. Later you will see he tries so hard in search of his mother. The story begins in 1952. Jasper is staying at his uncle’s farm. He does not have permission to ask something nor he can move around. To stay at his uncle’s house, he needs to keep his mouth shut.

The reason behind why he was abandoned is known to no one. He is in search of the answer. He needs to know when she is coming back to him. He is eager to meet her again. Later you will see that he will try to find his mother on his own. So, you will witness that he faces many hardships in search of his mother. The novel explains all of his journey looking for Althea. So later you will see that he gets in some bad occupations. The tragic story of a boy will surely touch your heart so do check this book.

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