The Drifter

The Drifter is the first book in the Peter Ash novel series. It is a genre fiction novel which is written by Nick Petrie. He is a Canada-born author and did some considerable work in fiction writing. You may try out his other novels as well where Burning Bright would make a good choice. The Runaway is another spectacular book from Nick.The audio narration of The Drifter is done by Stephen Mendel. It was a stellar performance from Stephen and you will enjoy it in every way.

Peer Ash made a return back home from the wars happening in Afghanistan and Iraq. He came back with only one souvenir that he called his ‘white static’. It was the bustling claustrophobia that was because of the immense post-traumatic anxiety. It had driven him to go and spend a full year in nature and sleeping under the sky while seeing stars.


Then he got the news that one of his colleagues and friend in the marines committed suicide. That was the time when he made a return back to the civilization to help the widow of the man with some necessary repairs to be done at her home. On the porch of that house, he discovered a lot more than he bargained for. It was the meanest, largest and ugliest dog that he has ever seen in his life. There was a suitcase there as well which was full of explosives and cash. So he started the investigation about that unexpected finding, but only to find himself at the center of a dark plot.

The Drifter makes a pretty good read. You will like the honest and genuine representation and insight into PTSD. It beautifully states how it is sometimes invisible to others.

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