The Fixer Upper

The Fixer Upper is a genre fiction novel. It is written by Mary Kay Andrews. She is from Atlanta and has written several bestselling books since 2002. You can find her top-quality writing in Savannah Blues. Another one worthy of sharing here is her The Homewreckers novel.


The audio narration of The Fixer Upper novel is done by Isabel Keating. It was an enjoyable performance by Isabel and you will love her voice for all the characters.

Dempsey was left nearly all alone after going through a significant political scandal. She was unemployed. Even worse, she was homeless as well. She had no choice but to accept to refurbish the family place Birdson, which was in Georgia. But, is she up for a surprise there?

It appears as if everybody in Guthrie, Georgia knew well about the business of Dempsey. She was earlier a cure lawyer and that career she took after she was done being a real estate agent. Then one day FBI agents knocked at her door who was looking to get some information about her ex-boss. All she could do in that situation was to just roll up her sleeves and then go back to work. But, what started as another necessary job for her turned into a labor of love. Then she embarked on a journey that took her somewhere which she was least expecting. She was back home once again.

It is an enjoyable and uncomplicated story. The character development is handled quite smoothly and brilliantly. The author is known for delivering fun and light stories, and this is just one of them. You will find it pretty hilarious as well.

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