The Glass Hotel

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The Glass Hotel is a genre-fiction novel. It is written by Emily St. John Mandel. She is a Canadian essayist and novelist. She has written five novels so far where Sea of Tranquility is one of them. Station Eleven (television Tie-in) is another superb book available on Audible by the author. Apart from this, she has written plenty of essays as well.


The audio narration of The Glass Hotel novel is done by Dylan Moore. It could be best described as an above-average performance. She lacked a bit of energy. Apart from that, you wouldn’t experience any other issue.

Vincent was a bartender at a 5-star lodging which was located at the end of Vancouver Island. She met Jonathan at night who was a hooded man scrawling a message over the glass wall of the lobby. The message says that ‘Why Don’t you swallow the broken glass?’


A very major crime was committed high above Manhattan. The billion-dollar business of Alkaitis was not more than a game of mirrors and smoke. When his plan failed then it eliminates many fortunes and devastated lives.

Vincent for quite some time was faking as the wife of Jonathan. She walked faraway one night.

After a few years, there was a victim of a fraud who was hired for a job to investigate a highly weird occurrence. It was about a woman who disappeared from a ship amid ports of call.

The writing of this book is very well done by Emily ad you will adore it. The story moves very smoothly and you will love to see the character development in it.

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