The Help

Help is a fiction novel. It is exceptionally well-written by Kathryn Stockett. She is a proficient American author and this novel, The Help is her debut one. Her novels including this version are available in a few other languages as well and this shows that her work is so much in demand.

The audio performance of The Help novel is done by a team of narrators. It includes Jenna Lamia, Octavia Spencer, Bahni Turpin, and Cassandra Campbell. They performed well and they effortlessly stepped in the shoes of the characters. They were all filled with emotions and it will reach you as well.

The story in this novel is of three ordinary women who will be taking some extraordinary steps in their life.

Let us start with Skeeter, who is 20 years old. She makes a return home after she graduates from Ole Miss. She may have a degree but her mother will only get happy if she has a ring on her finger. This is Mississippi in 1962.

Then it comes to Aibileen who is a black maid. She is a wise woman by raising her 17th white-skin child. Something major has changed inside her after she lost her son. Her son died when his bosses were looking the other way.

Finally, comes down the third and last woman in the tale is Minny. She is the best friend of Aibileen. She is a fat and a short call who probably is the sassiest woman you would ever see in Mississippi.

The Help novel will transport its audience to another world or another era. It will leave you in awe of its writer. Not to mention the team of narrators who were fantastic with their respective performances.

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