The Language of Sycamores


The Language of Sycamores is the third book in the tending Roses novel series. The book is authored by Lisa Wingate. She is an American award-winning journalist, inspirational speaker, magazine columnist, and bestselling author at the national level. Before We Were Yours and A Month of Summer are the best two novels that are recommended here from her rich literary archive.


The audio narration of The Language of Sycamores is done by Erin Spencer. This turned out to be an incredible performance with everything perfect about this narration


Karen Sommerfield was the one hiding far away from all of the big questions of her life. It was all because of the emotional distance that came in her marriage, her incapacity to have children, and her fight with cancer. Getting lost in her flourishing career provided her with a good sense of purpose which she yearned for many years. That was the case only until the day she got downsized right out of her job and the doctor informed her about the return of cancer. For her, that was a double blow that would send reeling anyone there.

It sends Karen to the old farm of Grandma Rose. That was the place where her sister made an impressive and perfect life seemingly. Karen opened herself to the unexpected and found a lonely child who needed nurturing as well as insights into the past of her family.

The Language of Sycamores is an honest, heartfelt, and extremely entertaining book. This amazing story will surely touch your heart from its very first page and it will continue the same way till the last.

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