The Las Vegas Madam

The Las Vegas Madam is a book about escorts, clients, and the truth. It is beautifully written by Jami Rodman. She is a former madam. She is known for her brazen approach to sexuality and relationships. Teri Schnaubelt did the narration of The Last Vegas Madam. The narrator delivered a flawless reading of the book with a range of different accents, voices, and so on.

This book will take you inside the life story of a call girl as she ascended into a shiny world of secrets, glamour, and exposure.

When a scandalous and spicy new story found its way to the mainstream media which was about an elite L.A. escort agency then people were shocked to learn the details. They came to know about the small mastermind behind that agency. It was a girl from a small town in Oregon and she was none other than Jami Rodman herself. She was known then by her pseudonym, Haley Heston.

The book will be your gateway to meeting the secret society in Los Angeles of the elite escorts and also the men who used to hire them for their sexual pleasure. On top of that, you will also come across a highly lucrative sex business as Jami revealed details of all the hidden websites. She told about the layers of complex networking as well for satisfying the endless desire of men for sex.

Timed with the then collapse of 2007, Las Vegas cultivated a completely new and unprecedented class of call girls. Those were the ones with beauty, brains, and savvy. Along with her escort agency, they managed to clean up the stained reputation of the prostitutes and prostitution in L. A.

Even if you don’t know in advance about the real-life story of the author before listening to this book, it will still intrigue and mesmerize you with its content. If you are not into stuff explicit sexual discussions and other related details then this book is not for you.

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