The Lying Game

The Lying Game is a thriller, mystery, suspense, psychological thriller, and psychological fiction novel written by Ruth Ware. We get to experience the highly anticipated third novel of the bestselling author of pulse-quickening novels. If you’re interested in other works of the author, check out One By One. You should also consider The Turn of the Key.

Imogen Church is a reliable narrator and always gives amazing performances. This audiobook is no different for her. She tries her best to breathe life into this book and the various characters that populate the world of the story.

Isa Wilde is taking a cool morning walk in the coastal village of Salten with her dog. Before she can do anything, her dog runs towards the water and retrieves an object that appears to be a wayward stick. To her horror, it is a human bone.

Now, three best friends of Isa converge in the village. They attempt to comfort their friend who is visibly shaken-up. As more discoveries are made, their collective history starts to unravel right before our eyes.

These four friends went to a private school together. Now that they’re gathering after many years, they hide some dark secrets. Someone is lying because they made a mistake in the past while in private school. The question now is that who this person is and what secret are they harboring?

The story manages to stay within the lines, to the degree that it can satisfy the audience. Its premise, characters, and settings are reliable and comfortably broken-in. The story is about a friendship and a father’s love for his children. It is about the sacrifices that people make for each other that reveals the strength of their bond.

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