The Masterpiece

It is said that the art lives longer than the rule of a king because it can exist for centuries with the same impression. Fiona Davis talks about an art school in which we find an ambitious woman named Clara and her team who wants to bring the power of art back to the world. Though the circumstances were not favoring them at all they were still determined to get the job done. The Great Depression made life difficult for Clara because along with other obstacles she had to face hunger and poverty.

In that era people were not thinking about art rather they were worried about their life. In 1931, Clara suddenly vanished from the face of the world and no sign of her was ever found later on. Narrator Cassandra Campbell’s voice takes us to 1974 in the second half of the story and here we meet another woman named Virginia Clay.She comes to the place with her daughter who needs admission to a good college. Clay hears about an art school that seems to be going down because the high officials in the town think that it is just a burden on the town and nothing else. The plan is to simply demolish the school and make something better in its place.

Clay comes to the school and finds a painting that amazes her. She starts looking for its creator and at this point, she comes to know about Clara and her role in the art world long ago. The Dollhouse and The Address don’t possess a deep message which exists in this novel. Also, it has an attachment to the art world too which is really extraordinary.

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