The Nanny

The Nanny is a genre-fiction novel. It is written by Gilly Macmillan. She is a bestselling writer at an international level with seven exciting titles where one of which is To Tell You the Truth. If you like this one from the author then you must also try out her The Long Weekend novel.

The audio narration of The Nanny novel is done by Clare Corbett, Ben Eliot, and Patience Tomlinson. They performed brilliantly and right as per the expectations of the listeners.

When Hannah, her beloved nanny left her without any trace then 7 years old Jocelyn was completely devastated. All that happened in the summer of 1988. Jocelyn was in shock and deeply haunted by that loss. She grew up distant and quite bitter. Eventually, she left behind her parents and Lake Hall. It was their distressed aristocratic home.


After 30 years, Jocelyn made a return back to that house and she was forced to confront the difficult relationship with her mother. Then, some human remains were found accidentally in a lake which was on that estate. That was the time when Jocelyn started to think something else and she questioned all that she thought she knew since ever.

An unexpected visitor came on their door and that moment shattered Jocelyn’s life forever. She had to find out who her nanny was and what was the reason behind her disappearance. She was in a difficult position as she couldn’t even trust her mother in it.

This book is a very good thriller. It could have been much better if there was little more action in it. The performance by all three narrators was electrifying.

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