The Prada Plan 5

A pretty long series with a lot of stories can go on with you for years. As every weekend will bring a new story to your doorstep. Ashley Antoinette has tried to bring new stories with strong plots to the stage and it is no surprise that this book also has all the ingredients which make a story stupendous. While working on a tough target, Disaya finally has the world in her palm.

She has achieved success after quite hard work and she thinks that she is ready to perform wonders in the future as well. Leah is not in her life anymore and Disaya has finally won the love of the man she wanted to have.

Mrs. Indie and their daughter is also safe so no danger is coming to any of them in the future. Getting rid of the problems was not easy and when the job is done, none of these characters want any more hard work. The narration by Nicole Small also shows how enthusiastic all characters were in the middle and then they start facing another tragedy.

Their life starts crumbling and even trusting each other seems to be a mistake. The characters are not limited like that in Ethic 4 and Ethic, Book 6 so a lot has to be kept in mind during the progress of the story. The next problem which the characters find themselves with happens to be greater than the first one. For a moment Disaya seems to be out of plans and then she finally starts grasping everything back just as she did in the past for everyone.

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