The Sparrow

The Sparrow is a genre fiction novel. It is the first chapter of the Sparrow novel series which is written by Mary Doria Russell. She is an American novelist with quite a few good novels written by her. One of those is her The Women of the Copper Country which is a brilliant genre fiction novel. Children of God is another novel by the author that you must try.

The audio narration of this chapter is done by David Colacci. It was a perfect and flawless narration by David. He made this good novel wonderful for the listeners.

Emilio Sandoz is an outstanding person. He is nothing short of being called a living saint and perhaps a Jesuit priest who endures some disturbing experiences which make him question the existence of God. This experience referred to here is the very first contact established between extraterrestrial life and human beings. It all starts with a very small mistake which ends up in a very horrible catastrophe.

Sandoz is part of a certain crew that was deployed to a new planet for its exploration and research. The thing they found there was of an alien civilization which was quite incomprehensible. This started to make them feel quite compelled to think that what all this means to mankind.

The priest among all the crew there was the only surviving member. He was confronted hard by the public upon his return. Eventually, his faith got destroyed badly.

The Sparrow tells a beautiful story. It will surely develop your interest in the complete Sparrow series which is beautiful. The audio performance was superb and worth listening to this novel for the second and third time.

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