The Terror

The Terror is a historical fiction novel. It is written by American author Dan Simmons. The novel is written very well. You can check some other work done by author Hyperion. You should also go for Endymion.

The narrator of this book is Tom Sellwood. He has given ordinary performance. Listeners find no depth in his voice.

The story is based on a true historical event. The novel helps in understanding past events. The story is of lost crew members of Sir John Franklin. They got stuck in the Arctic region for years. The crew is going through hunger, starvation, and illness. They find ways to escape from there. They try hard to find a way to sail North of Canada. Sir John Franklin died due to terrible conditions there. When he dies Captain Francis Crozier orders, the rest of the crew to give one last attempt to get out of ice. Due to the horrible weather condition, the crew faced even worse circumstances.

It is again winter and they are badly stuck. So later you will see they all think that there is no way to escape. All of the crew members are in a state of terror. This is a story full of tragedy and hardship. A novel that will give you an amazing adventurous experience. The writer has given a very clear view of how the crew struggled hard. Many of the members you will see got parish. While other members survived. So, you must check this novel full of tragedy. It is a great historical novel. The novel will keep you engaged throughout due to its entertaining plot. So, you must check this book.

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