The Testament

The Testament is suspense, a legal story, detective novel penned by John Grisham. John is a big name in the legal thriller genre. His books have been translated into many languages around the earth. He is the winner of a Galaxy British Book Awards. He is one of the only three authors who have sold two million copies on the first printing. A Time to Kill is one of his best novels, being his first. Also, you can check out Sycamore Row.

Frank Muller leaves almost no room for complaint as the narrator of this book. The way he performs the various personalities in this book is an example of its own. This is, without exaggeration, one of the best audiobooks out there.

Troy Phelan is a billionaire and one of the richest men in the States. He did it all by himself. He is reclusive, eccentric, limited to a wheelchair, and searching for a way to die. His heirs are no doubt circling like vultures at a time like this.

Nate O’Riley is a Washington litigator that has lived a hard and fast life. His second marriage is failing. He is emerging from rehab with his fragile sobriety, resilient sense of humor, and good intentions. Never is returning to the real world easy for anyone, but it will be murder this time.

Finally, there is Rachel Lane, a woman that has devoted her life to the service of God. She has walked away from the meagerness of the world.

It is a captivating work of the likes of Charles Dickens or Graham Greene. You can gain so much insight from this book because of its unique and engaging storyline. It is of a spiritual nature that nurtures our redemption and fulfillment.

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