The Underground Railroad (Oprah’s Book Club)

The Underground Railroad (Oprah’s Book Club) is a fictional novel. It is written by Colson Whitehead. He is a US-based novelist and so far has written seven novels. The Intuitionist was his debut novel published in 1999 and it was very well received and appreciated by the audience. His best novel is The Nickel Boys for which he won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 2020.

The narration of this book is done by Bahni Turpin. Bahni is a competent narrator and the performance was done with great perfection.

Cora is a slave in Georgia in a cotton plantation vicinity. Life is nothing short of being hell for all of the slaves, but things were particularly bad for Cora. She was considered an outcast even among all of her African fellows. She is now transitioning into womanhood. This is the phase of her life where more pains await her. Caesar recently came from Virginia. Caesar tells regarding the Underground Railroad and they both made up their mind regarding the terrifying risk and subsequently the escape. Things however didn’t go as planned. Cora murdered a white boy who attempted to capture her. They were although able to find a station and ten go northwards where they are being hunted.

It is quite a good book. A few of the listeners had some issues with the behavior, language, and the culture depicted by some of the characters. But, there were many highs as well especially the magical realism of this novel. This is very much of an emotional fiction. If that is your cup of tea then this novel promises to mesmerize you a lot.

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