The Vampire Armand

The Vampire Armand is a horror fiction novel. It is the 6th chapter in The Vampire Chronicles which is written by Anne Rice. She is a Master’s Degree holder in English Literature and Creative Writing from the USA. Her education truly reflects on the professional work that she does as a novelist where she has given plenty of sensational novels. You can pick any random novel such as The Wolves of Midwinter from her collection and your entertainment is guaranteed. The Wolf Gift is a very safe choice for the fans of the author as it mostly received positive reviews and there are loads of those.

Jonathan Marosz is the narrator of this novel. The series needs to have a change of narrator as it was a very flat performance. He is an American and he speaks with no good accent as what you know with the Americans. His accent sounds a lot like an Italian. On top of that, the tone of Jonathan is quite bland as well.

This novel brings the tale of Armand to the listeners. He was eternally young and had looked just like the Botticelli angel. He made his first appearance in his all dark glory which you might have experienced in the Interview with the Vampire novel.

This time, Armand travels across many centuries to reach Kiev Rus. It was the ruined city that was under the rule of the Mongol and also with the ancient Constantinople where he was sold into servitude to the Tartar.

The story by all means is wonderful. The only downside of this audiobook is its choice of the narrator who sounded flat with a non-compliant accent with the characters of this novel.

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