To Paris with Love

With this book, we are back to the world created by Carl Weber and Eric Pete. These two writers have come up with books of the quality The Family Business and Family Business 6. Now the band is together and they have created this solo story about Paris Duncan. All of us know about the Duncan family as we have listened to this family in many stories prior to this one. So we already know that the story is going to be a naughty one with hot and sexy characters involved in it.

Although the story is about a member of the Duncan family it is not a part of the long series. This book stands separate from the rest and this makes it easy to understand. Paris Duncan goes to Europe in order to join the finishing school and she had nothing more or less in mind.

It was a professional tour on which she was going and she never thought that it would become so much exciting after she finds her true love in the process. Life started moving like a rocket after that because Paris was having a wild and exciting time with the love of her life.

She wasn’t ready for any kind of tragedy or enmity but both things aroused thin air and started destroying her life. Lisa Smith, Adam Alexander, and Corey Allen narrate how Paris Duncan commits a crime all of a sudden and her life goes from best to worst. The girl starts thinking that she had made the worst mistake of her life by coming to Paris still she wasn’t able to run away so she decides to stay and face everything with an iron fist.

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