Transcendent Kingdom

Transcendent Kingdom is a genre fiction novel. It is written by Yaa Gyasi. She is a Ghanaian-American writer. Homegoing was her debut novel that was published in the year 2016. It helped her win the National Book Critics Circle’s John Leonard Award in the best book category. She won that honor only at the age of 26.


Bahni Turpin is a very talented narrator and she did it brilliantly. Listeners want to hear her more I many such novels to come.

Gifty was a Ph.D. candidate in her 6th year. She was studying neuroscience at the popular Stanford University. Her subject was to study the mice’s behavior and neural circuits for addiction and depression. Nana was her brother who was a highly talented athlete in high school. He died from a heroin overdose which happened when he injured his ankle that hooked him with the drug.


Her mother was just living in her bed and had all sorts of suicidal tendencies. Gifty vowed to discover all the scientific reasoning for all the struggles and suffering she experience around her. But when she reverted to all of those hard sciences to unlock the truth behind the mystery of her family loss then she discovered herself longing for her infantile faith. She missed grappling then with the evangelical church where she was brought up.

The book stood as the bestseller in New York Times. It was also the Finalist for the prestigious Women’s Prize. This book is a splendid follow-up to her critically acclaimed and award-winning debut novel, Homeland. You have every reason to try out this amazing novel which by no means will disappoint you.

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