The last druid has survived hell and there is more to come in the future. The life of the druid is not simple at all. He survived against the odds in Hounded and Trapped so he thought that if he wants a peaceful life then he has to play dead otherwise his enemies would not spare his life at all. When the gods came to their full power in order to get rid of Atticus, the druid took the help of the Navajo trickster god Coyote. His enemy thinks that they have killed Atticus in the Arizona desert and that the last druid is not there in the world anymore.

The trick was successful and Atticus thought that he would be able to live a peaceful life afterwards but his expectations were completely wrong. Coyote has a few surprises of his own for Atticus and soon the last druid finds himself fighting shape-shifters.

It was more deadly than he expected and he thinks that he will teach his enemy a lesson if he gets out of this one in one piece. Kevin Hearne has given more trouble to the last druid in order to show the true strength of this individual to the audience. Fighting skinwalkers is new for Atticus but he is not shy to test his sword on them with full force.

Just start the book and let the narrator Luke Daniels handle things later on. There are no funny scenes in this episode and Atticus is all geared up to chop the head of all of his enemies in a single blow. He is not going to show mercy to anyone.

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    The Midnight Line

    Heir of Novron


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