Trouble Is What I Do

Leonid takes on difficult cases as it is one way of knowing that he is not wearing off with the passage of time rather his skill is increasing. The man stands among the top investigators in the town and for this reason Phillip Worry comes to him for help. Phillip wanted to deliver a letter to a wealthy heiress about her family history. The task was simple and Leonid thought that anyone could have performed the task with minimal ease.

When an assassin tried to take the life of the 92 year old Phillip, the investigator realized that his assumption about the task was wrong. The father of the heiress was trying to stop them and Leonid must deliver the letter before the marriage of that young woman.

Author Walter Mosley adds two more investigators in the story at this stage who show readiness to help Leonid and the case which keeps on becoming tougher for them. Dion Graham made everyone amazed by the narration in many other stories over the past many years thus the fans were expecting the same quality from him in this book and none of the fans have been disappointed. Black Betty and White Butterfly will make you more interested in Dion’s works.

The mystery is created by the author in a way that it does not make us feel confused by the story. Our interest builds from the first chapter and then we our heart does not get sad at any point. Leonid in this little story gets an epic case and he thinks that he must help the old man without any kind of greed. Thus the team unites for the sole purpose of helping the old man and the young lady.

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