West with Giraffes

West with Giraffes is a genre-fiction novel. It is written by Lynda Rutledge. She is a freelance journalist and an award-winning author of fiction novels. The subject title, West with Giraffes is the best book so far from the author.

The narration of West with Giraffes is done by Danny Campbell. It was a beautiful performance that added something special to this story.

Woodrow Wilson Nickel was 105 years old and he felt that his life was just kind of ebbing away. But, the time he came to know that the giraffes were going to be extinct soon then he discovered himself recalling one of the most prominent and an unforgettable experiences. That was something which he couldn’t take to his grave at all.

1938 was the time of The Great Depression. That was also the time when Europe was under threat by Hitler and the Americans longed for wonder. They found that in a couple of giraffes who survived miraculously in a hurricane while they were crossing the mighty Atlantic. It was followed then by a 12-day long road trip which they had in a custom truck. That was meant to deliver the first giraffes from Southern California the San Diego Zoo. The Woodrow, the young Dust Bowl was also behind the wheel there.

In a few words, West with Giraffes can be best described as an interesting, amazing, sweet, uplifting, and sad story. It is inspired by a true story of a couple of giraffes who went on to make headlines and won the hearts of America during the Depression-era. The narration was also a very big factor in the success of this title.

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