White Rose, Black Forest

White Rose, Black Forest is a genre fiction novel. It is written by Eoin Dempsey. He is an Irish-American author who is known for writing thriller and historical fiction books. If you are into such literary stuff then his The Hidden Soldier is a good option for you. You will also find his The Longest Echo novel to be a really good one.

The audio narration of this novel is done by Napoleon Ryan. His pronunciation was an issue as almost every time his ‘she’ sounded like ‘he’ and that was annoying.

The story is set in December 1943. In the time before the actual rise of Hitler the summer cottage of the Gerber family was all filled with loud laughter. As the deep drifts if the heavy snow becomes part of the Black Forest in Germany then it found Franka Gerberas completely helpless and all alone. Vehemence along with ruthlessness in recent times had swept all through her homeland. It also took away her brother and father while leaving her alone and with no reason to live.

But her life changed when she found an airman who was in an unconscious state. He was found in the snow and was wearing a Luftwaffe uniform and his big parachute was flapping in the strong and cold wind there. She was determined to save him and took him to the isolated cabin of her family. But, she soon found out that he is not what she thought him to be. So, she began on a journey that was a race against time where she had to unravel the mystery of that man.

The story is lovely and very well written. The narrator was overly dramatic at times and was having issues with the right pronunciation of a few words.

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