Wrong Side of Forty

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Wrong Side of Forty is the first installment in Marina at Midlife. It is a paranormal fiction novel which is written by Jana DeLeon. She is a bestselling American author in New York Times and USA Today. You will find her mostly writing the funny southern romance, paranormal romances, cozy romances, and psychological thrillers. If you have time for more exciting books by Jana DeLeon then Showdown in Mudbug is a book for you. If you still want more then Lethal Bayou Beauty is the book for you.

The narration of Wrong Side of Forty is done by Hollis McCarthy and it was a horrible performance.

For Marina Trahan, it was a day just like any other regular day. But only until she caught her husband cheating in bed with another woman. Before that shocking wake-up call, Marina Trahan would have described her life as uneventful or just average. It might be boring even.


But then, confusion and chaos reign supreme. She had expected a lot to slide through the midlife along with a few of her unwanted pounds, hot flashes, and chin hair, and move into the elastic-waist pants more gracefully. But when it comes to a wayward husband, a lackluster career, a high-maintenance daughter, and a nearly crazy mother who all weighed her down, Marina was all set to wave out the white flag of submission.

Things changed all of a sudden when Alexios, an intriguing stranger showed up right out of nowhere…

The content of this book is funny and amazing. The characters are perfectly written and developed. One major issue with this novel in audio is its vocal performance which was very poorly done.

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