Olive Kitteridge

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Elizabeth Strout has written many books on people we see and observe in everyday life. It is amazing to see that how the author analyses such people before creating the characters of her books. Olive is just a retired school teacher but as the story continues we feel that she is talking like a true philosopher. Her opinions about life and people are extraordinary but she has one flaw i.e she has failed to pay attention to the people who live close to her.
Olive’s husband is having a good time with her and he looks satisfied with his life. But at times he considers married life, a curse that shows his inner discontentment on something. The only daughter which the couple has been blessed with is not normal at all.
The young girl is suffering from different sensitivity issues which she thinks no one can solve. With time, Olive leaves everything aside and tries to ponder more on her personal life which is the right thing to do. Slowly she understands the issues that have remained untouched in the past and now has emerged as a big problem for her.
My Name Is Lucy Barton and Olive, Again (Oprah’s Book Club) is also about individuals who have serious problems in life which they want to solve. This one has more variety in it because the main character comes to her life in the later section of the novel. Kimberly Farr has also done complete justice with the novel through narration. Giving voice to a character like Olive was not easy but it has been done marvelously well by the narrator.

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