The Lady in the Coppergate Tower

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We meet our heroine, Hazel Hughes, a dedicated scientist with an unwavering commitment to the medical arts, unyieldingly plying her craft in London’s hospitals. Possessing an enigmatic gift, she holds the ability to manipulate the physical realm using her mind, a talent both coveted and shrouded in trepidation.

The depth of her character is meticulously unveiled as she is thrown into a journey involving Sam MacInnes, an alluring naval officer. Their connection extends beyond the commonality of their shared abilities, interlacing with the mysterious threads of their pasts. Sam is the embodiment of an enigma. His calm demeanor hides an ocean of secrets, fueling an insatiable intrigue.

An urgent plea from a young boy named Arwin ensnares the pair in a daring quest to rescue his mother, a woman trapped within the confines of the infamous Coppergate Tower. This imposing fortress, encased in copper with an air of inescapable dread, harbors those possessing supernatural abilities. A convergence of science, mystique, and the inexplicable, the tower is a silent sentinel, an emblem of covert power and veiled intentions.

Their journey snakes through the underbelly of steampunk London, tinged with romance and brimming with peril, as they navigate treacherous waters and challenge the boundaries of their powers. Each encounter deepens the bond between Hazel and Sam, unearthing fragments of their complex history. Their relationship, a dance of affection and hesitation, adds an endearing layer to the thrilling storyline.

Through their trials, the pair grapple with the terrifying Dr. Sigmund Bauer, a man steeped in ambition and untethered by morality. His malicious machinations, aimed at harnessing the power within Coppergate Tower, poses an existential threat not only to Hazel and Sam but to the delicate equilibrium of their world. The author invested a lot in Kiss of the Spindle and My Fair Gentleman but the fun was not exhausted at all and this book proves it.

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